quarta-feira, 31 de março de 2010

U-Roy - 30 Massive Shots From Treasure Isle (2009)

1-Wake The Town And Tell The People
2-This Sound Rule The Nation
3-Chicka Bow Wow Wow
4-Ride On Nero
5-Happy Go Lucky Girl
6-The Tide Is High
7-Version Galore
8-Have A Ball On The Beach
9-Musical Lesson
10-Flashing My Whip
11-Soul Of The City
12-Work Your Show
13-Tom Drunk
14-Drive Her Home
15-Give Thanks To The King
16-Hear The News
17-It Feels Good
18-On The Go
19-Get On The Train
20-You're Out Of This World
21-Big Boy
22-Do Your Thing
23-Love Is All I Bring
24-Musical Confession
25-Forward Forever
26-Musical Education
27-Sounds Kinda Shocking
28-Never Make You Blue
29-No War
30-Musical Question

enre: Reggae & Pop ~ Dj Toasters
Label: Attack Records (USA)
Catalog No: ATTA 64
New Release: 2009
Format: CD


terça-feira, 30 de março de 2010

Dennis Brown - The Exit 1986

A1 Too Late
A2 We Should Make Love
A3 History
A4 Up Full One
B1 Tracks Of Life
B2 Material Girl
B3 The Exit
B4 Dance All Night
B5 I'll Be Waiting There

Producer - King Jammy/Trojan Records
Recording : Jammy's (Kingston, JA)
Mixing : Jammy's (Kingston, JA)

Vocals : Dennis Brown
Backing Vocals : Dalton Brownie
Backing Band : Steely & Clevie & The Super Power All Stars

Label:Trojan Records
Catalog#:TRLS 238
Format:Vinyl, LP


segunda-feira, 29 de março de 2010

Cultivator - Voice Of Love 2003

01 Intro
02 Hear The Voice Of Love
03 Hear The Voice Of Dub
04 Aka-Hige Part 1
05 Intrerlude 1
06 Spanish Town Dub
07 In My Own
08 Aka-Hige Part 2
09 Interlude 2
10 Freedom Of Reality
11 Outro

Cultivator - Voice Of Love
Label:Flying High
Released:05 Mar 2003


sexta-feira, 26 de março de 2010

Jah Creation - Second Coming 2004

Product By Jah Creation Music 2004

1-Intro 0:25
2-He Is The Sunshine 4:43
3-Whoa JAH 5:58
4-Love Ites 5:07
5-True Christian 4:42
6-Down Before 4:46
7-JAH Wise 4:40
8-No Calls 5:58
9-Distant Adventure 4:58
10-Why Should I 6:07
11-Go To Selassie 5:22
12-Babylon Plan 4:32
13-Israel 5:21
14-Outro 0:42
15-True DUB 2:54
16-Dub Jah 3:00
17-Distant DUB 2:32


quinta-feira, 25 de março de 2010

Lenky Roy - Set Me Free 12 Inch 1984

A1 - Set Me Free - Lenky Roy
B2 - Set Me Free (Version) - Lenky Roy & Jah Malla

Aka (Linky Roy)
Records NR 1681
Single:12"'Set Me Free'


quarta-feira, 24 de março de 2010

Freddie McGregor - Guantanamera (12 Inch) 1989

A1-Guantanamera (English Version)
B1-Guantanamera (12" Spanish Version)
B2-Guantanamera (7" Spanish Version)

Label:Polydor / Real Authentic Sound
Catalog#:PZ 53
Format:Vinyl, 12"


terça-feira, 23 de março de 2010

Dillinger - Killer Man Jaro (7 Inch) 1976

Dillinger - Killer Man Jaro (7 Inch) 1976

A Killer Man Jaro

B Freedom (Version)

Label: forward Records 2
Format:Vinyl, 7", Single
Style:Roots Reggae


segunda-feira, 22 de março de 2010

Big Youth - Higher Grounds 1995

01. Leave Babylon And Come
02. Higher Grounds
03. Free The People
04. Mr Wicked Man
05. Run Come Look Inna Mi Bible
06. Influence Of Jah
07. Why Do The Eden Reign
08. Israelite
09. Cubi Yi Gong
10. Never Get Weary
11. What A Good Vibe Can Do
12. The Truth Is The Truth

Axeman Guitar, Bass, Drums
Squidley Cole Bass, Drums
The Firehouse Crew Drums
Big Youth Main Performer
Junior Reid Arranger, Producer
Jason Henry Engineer
Obeah Bass, Percussion, Drums


sexta-feira, 19 de março de 2010

Devon Russell And The Cultural Roots - Money Sex And Violence 198x

A1. Money, Sex And Violence
A2. Outlaw
A3. Jamming In The Cellblock
A4. Mandella Song (Mandella De-Pan Street Again)
A5. Revolution Song
A6. It's Not The End

B1. Solid As A Rock
B2. Blame It On Rasta
B3. Tan Tan Brown
B4. Hoot Nanny
B5. Sweetness In Your Life
B6. Bom Dance

Vocals: Cultural Wayde" Jimmy" Dyce, Harold Grandison & Devon Russell
Additional Vocals: Paul Crossdale
Musicians: Fire House (inc)

Drums & Percussion: George M. Miller
Bass: Donald" Jenjman" Dennis
KeyBoards: Paul" Wrong Move" Crossdale
Horns: Jah Brass

quinta-feira, 18 de março de 2010

Imperdivel Clássicos do Reggae Apresenta Israel Vibration E Groundation No Barra Show - 19/03/2010 - RJ

Imperdivel Clássicos do Reggae Apresenta Israel Vibration E Groundation A Banda Israel Vibration Que Esta Comemorando 30 Anos De Carreira Vem Mais Uma Vez No Rj Para Um Grande Show Tocando Varios Sussesos dos seus 30 Anos De Historia e Groundation Com A voz Marcante Do seu Vocalista Herrison Stafford Faz O Segundo Show No Rio De Janeiro De Lançamento Do Novo Albun Here I am No Barra Show Data: 19/03/2010
Local: Espaço Barra Show - Avenida Ayrton Senna, 2800 - Barra da Tijuca
Horário: 22h
Classificação: 18 anos

Ingresso Unissex 1° lote - meia entrada
Preço do Ingresso: R$ 30,00

Ingresso Unissex 1° lote - inteira
Preço do Ingresso: R$ 60,00

Conto Com Presença De Todos Um Forte Abraço A Todos E Ate La Vibraçoes Positivas E jah Bless Brother And Sisters

quarta-feira, 17 de março de 2010

Freddie McGregor - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely 12 Inch 198x

Rare Sigle Freddie McGregor - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
(12'') Inch 198x

A1 - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
A2 - Instrumental
B2 - Version

terça-feira, 16 de março de 2010

Ras I - Chant Rastafari 2001

1. Exploitation
2. Dub
3. Tell Me More
4. Version
5. Bad Boys
6. Bad Dub
7. Cease Fire
8. Fire Dub
9. Jah Please help Me
10. Dub
11. Victim Of Circumstances
12. Version
13. Reggae Music
14. Musical Dub
15. Youthman
16. Version
17. Chant Rastafari
18. Dub
19. Messenger Of Jah
20. Jah Dub
21. Give Thanks And Praise

segunda-feira, 15 de março de 2010

Israel Vibration - Feelin' Irie Single 1996

Como Eu Ja Avia Prometido Tai Esse Raro Single
Do Trio Harmonico Vocal Jamaicano Israel Vibration

1. Original LP Mix
2. DJ Briggy Version - Brigadier Jerry, Israel Vibration
3. Instrumental Version
4. Jim Fox Dub Mix
5. Mad Professor Dub
6. Scientist Dub Style

Product Details
* Audio CD (September 3, 1996)
* Original Release Date: 1996
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Single
* Label: Ras
* ASIN: B000000QBU
* Also Available in: Audio Cassette/Vinyl


sábado, 13 de março de 2010

Freddie McGregor - Freddie McGregor 1987

1-That Girl (Groovy Situation)
2-Silver Lining
3-Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
4-If You Want It
5-This Is A Fix
6-Lovin' Every Day
7-Tease My Love
8-Look Me In The Eye
9-Slow Down
10-Come To Me


sexta-feira, 12 de março de 2010

Delroy Wilson - Go Away Dream 1982

Playlist :
1-Spit In The Sky
2-When She Was My Girl
3-No More Heartaches
4-Golden Touch
5-I Want To Love You
6-Silhouette Silhouette
7-Go Away Dream
8-Won't You Come Home
9-Baby Here I Am
10-Cant Take You Back
11-Let's Not Fight Anymore
12-If You Would Stand By Me


quarta-feira, 10 de março de 2010

Alton Ellis - The Legendary (67-71)

A1. Alton Ellis - Harder and Harder
A2. Alton Ellis - Blackman's Pride
A3. Alton Ellis - Hey World
A4. Alton Ellis - Going Back To Africa
A5. Alton Ellis - Mini Skirt
A6. Alton Ellis - Since I Fell For You
B1. Alton Ellis - Good Loving
B2. Alton Ellis - Shake It
B3. Alton Ellis - Remember That Sunday
B4. Alton Ellis - It's Your Thing
B5. Alton Ellis - Cry Tough
B6. Alton Ellis - Dance Crasher


segunda-feira, 8 de março de 2010

Strangejah Cole - Overcome

Track Listing:

A1. What Kind Of World
A2. Jah Jah Revolution Massive
A3. Help Wanted Massive
A4. Cast Them In The Fire Massive
A5. Capture Land Massive
A6. What Was In Your Mind Massive
B1. Eyes Of A Lion
B2. Sam Cafeteira
B3. My Love Is My Life
B4. Love Is Amazing
B5. My Soldier Prayer


sexta-feira, 5 de março de 2010

REGGAE ANGELS - Make Blessings 2006

Track listing
1. Is That Jah Love?
2. Love and Respect
3. Where There Is Love
4. Marriage
5. Don't Be Complainers
6. Time
7. Please Our Lord
8. Just Do It
9. Make Blessings
10. Withhold Not Good
11. Ask for Our Neighbor
12. Anger
13. Satan's Army
14. Over the Rainbow

Producer:Peter Fenton Wardle, Ryan Daisley
Distributor:Ryko Distribution
Recording type:Studio
Recording mode:Stereo
SPAR Code:n/a

Album notes
Personnel: Peter Fenton Wardle (vocals, keyboards); Angel Wardle, Bunny Brisset (vocals); Brett Harmon, Patrick Owens, Robert Kelshall (guitar); Willow Scarlett (harmonica); Ken Schich (saxophone); Tom Maitland, Mark Wright (trumpet); Tony Lanzino, Charles Hamilton (trombone); Mark Schuerman, Tiffany Carrico, Kevin Seal (horns); Sandrum, Marty Batiste, Uziel, Steve Hoffman (keyboards); Alton "San Drum" Yan Horne (drums, percussion); Wadi Gad, Mario Vela, Rashan (percussion).
Audio Mixers: Jim Fox ; Scientist.
Recording information: The Workshop, Oakland, CA.
Photographers: Jody Wardle; Smoky ; Purple Gene; Gary Bean; Mary Black.
Arrangers: San Drum; Peter Fenton Wardle; Ryan Daisley; Mark Wright; Steve Hoffman.


Hoje Imperdivel Fundiçaõ Brasil Jamaica Apresenta GROUNDATION E PONTO DE EQUILIBRIO

Sempre com um grupo brasileiro como anfitrião e atrações internacionais de peso, o festival Fundição Brasil Jamaica apresenta, em sua 8ª edição, as bandas GROUNDATION e PONTO DE EQUILÍBRIO. O evento acontece no dia 5 de março, sexta-feira, a partir das 23h.

Completando dez anos de autêntico reggae roots, o PONTO DE EQUILÍBRIO ‘faz as honras da casa’, abrindo os trabalhos na grande arena da Fundição. Formado no bairro carioca de Vila Isabel, o grupo se prepara para o lançamento do próximo disco e aproveita a noite para divulgar dois singles: “Música de Jah” e “O que eu vejo”. O Ponto de Equilíbrio é formado pelos músicos Hélio Bentes (vocal), Ras André (guitarra solo), Marcio Sampaio (guitarra base), Pedrada (baixo), Lucas Kastrup (bateria) e Tiago Caetano (teclado).

Em seguida sobe ao palco a banda californiana GROUNDATION,conhecida por seu reggae temperado com jazz, r&b e soul. Músicas como "Freedom Taking Over", "We Free Again", "Picture on the Wall" e mais recentes como "Here I Am" e "You can Profit" fazem parte do repertório. Nos seus álbuns já lançados, o GROUNDATION conta com participações de músicos como Don Carlos, Apple Gabriel, The Congos, Ijahman Levy, Pablo Moses e Ras Michael. O álbum mais recente do GROUNDATION, "Here I Am", foi lançado no Brasil pelo selo Surforeggae.

O GROUNDATION é formado pelos músicos Harrison Stafford (vocal e guitarra), Marcus Urani (teclados e órgão), Ryan Newman (baixo), Rufus (bateria), Kim Pommell (backing vocal), Kerry Ann Morgan (backing vocal), Kelsey Howard (trombone), David Chachere (trumpete) e Mingo (percussão).
Conto com A Presença de Todos Vibraçoes Positivas Ejah Bless!

quinta-feira, 4 de março de 2010

Iwan - People Get Ready 2008


2.Hail King Selassie
3.Fire Burning
4.John Brown
5.Give Thanks
7.People Get Ready
8.Can't Stop Reggae Music
9.Trigga Happy Cop
11.Tear Drops
12.Gave You My Heart
13.Having My Baby
14.Baby I Love You
15.When I Want You
16.Dancing Girl
17.What We Need Is Love
18.Party Nice Again

Albun Title:People Get Ready
Original Release Date:
November 4, 2008
Cashflow Productions


segunda-feira, 1 de março de 2010

Swelele - Feel The Vibes Of Love 1983

 Artist   : Swelele
Album : Feel The Vibes Of Love
Year : 1983
Genre : Reggae
Source : Vinyl
Label : Out-A-Grass
CatNr : OAG 33X777
URL : n/a
Date : 31-01-2010
Quality : VBR
Size : 35,7 MB
Time : 25:12 min

01 feel the vibes of love 03:26
02 mr. officer 04:19
03 place in the sun 04:06
04 african origin 05:15
05 fittest of the fittest 04:10
06 part 2 03:56