terça-feira, 10 de maio de 2011

Culture - More Innocent Blood 2009

1. Innocent Blood/Rock It Up
2. Innocent Dub
3. Iniquity Worker
4. Iron Sharpeneth Iron
5. Weeping and Wailing
6. Weeping and Dubbing
7. Collie Weed
8. More Vacancy
9. Play Skillfully
10. White Belly Rats
11. Show Me My Enemy
12. Send Some Rain/One Fe de Money
13. Burning & Illusion/Same Knife
14. Burning & Illusion Dub


Creation Roots - Troddin 1999

1. Trodding
2. Riches Today
3. Let Jah Music Play
4. Sellassie I Lives
5. Over The Rainbow
6. Trouble
7. We Ain't Gonna Take It
8. Jah Jah Plan
9. No Trust
10. Try A Ride
11. Rumours

'First album from the band that has been performing since 1983.' (Ernie B)

VOCALS: Ras Levi, Belinda Gad, Colin Top Cat
BASS: Gerry
DRUMS: Frank Big Foot
GUITAR: Colin Top Cat
KEYBOARDS: Christo Gad
SAX: Ras G
TROMBONE: Mell Howard
TRUMPET: Neil Yates

PRODUCED BY: Mad Professor
RECORDED AT: Ariwa Studios
MIXED BY: Mad Professor