quarta-feira, 26 de novembro de 2008

Augustus Pablo - One Step Dub (1991)

In The Red Dub
Hanging Dub
Riot Dub
One Step Dub
Zion Way Dub
Sunshine Dub
Dubbing King James
Rastaman Dub
Good Looking Dub
Night Patrol Dub

segunda-feira, 24 de novembro de 2008

Sly And Robbie - Masters of Dub (2001)

1.Liquidation Dub
2.Ankle Mechanic Dub
3.Burial Dub
4.Joyful Dub
5.Ministreal Dub
6.Fiery Dub
7.Move and Groove Dub
8.Hypocrite Dub
9.African Dub Style
10.Peaceful Dub
11.Blazing Away Dub Style
12. Late Night Dub
13.War Of Dub
14.One Way Dub
15.Pretty Dub
16.Dub Hold I & I
17.Righteous Dub
18.Rock Steady Dub
19.A Loving Dub

Jah Shaka Coronation Dub - Commandments Of Dub Chapter 9 - (1990)

Track Liting:
1. Coronation Dub
2. Root Of David
3. Alpha And Omega
4. King Of Kings
5. Throne Of God
6. Inheritance
7. Solomon Dub
8. Music Of The Saints
9. Father And Son
10. Family Of Jah

domingo, 23 de novembro de 2008

Dennis Brown - Sings Revival Classics - 2005

1) Tke My Hand
2) Write Me A Letter
3) Why Can't I Touch You
4) Love I Can Feel
5) Living In The Footsteps
6) Left With A Broken Heart
7) Satamasagana
8) Declaration Of Rights
9) No Man Is An Island
10) Dancing Mood
11) Fancy Make Up
12) Do You Love Me
13) Mr. Fix It
14) Going To A Ball
15) Moving Away
16) Winter Shade Of Pale
17) All In This Together
18) Loving You

quinta-feira, 20 de novembro de 2008

Jimmy London - It Ain't Easy Living In The Ghetto (1980)

Playlist :
It Aint Easy
Jim Say Hello
You Know What I Mean
Rock & Roll
Running Wild
Got To Change Your Ways
Family Man
Moving On
Pegg My Love
Loving You

jack radics - radical (1992)

Track Listings
1. Rough Life
2. Set My Heart on Fire
3. Hold Down the Tribal War
4. I Can Be So Good
5. Who the Cap Fits
6. Baby I Need Your Love
7. Ammunition Dump
8. Tears of a Clown
9. One Temptation
10. Rescue Me

terça-feira, 18 de novembro de 2008

Cimarons - Freedom Street (1980)

Playlist :
Freedom Street
River Jordan Tradition
Rub A Dub Shoes
Release Me
Ready For Love
Row Your Boat
Ball Head

sábado, 15 de novembro de 2008

Levi Williams - Peaceful Rasta 1974

Track Listing:
01 - Peaceful Rasta
02 - History Of Version

Jah Beng - Cry For The Children 2003

Track Listing:
01. Dance For Jah
02. Pray
03. Black God
04. Guidance
05. Fight
06. Hotter Battle
07. Cry For The Children (Pt.1)
08. Red Blood-Shot Eyes
09. Long Night
10. Ten (Miles Away)
11. Test We
12. Wisdom Cup
13. Who Will Be There
14. Cry For The Children (Pt.2)

Jackie Brown - Third World Children 1979

Playlist :
Poorman Potion
One Step Beyond
Warning You
Getting Touch
When Jah Jah Come
Third World Children
Dance With You

quinta-feira, 13 de novembro de 2008

Third World - Black Gold And Green 2005

Track Listing:
1.Black Gold & Green
2.Nah Sweat
3.Lovers in a Dangerous Time
4.Butterflies and Rain
6.Revolution in Her Eyes
7.Rise Up
8.Love in the Air - (with Beres Hammond)
9.Fade Away
10.Writings on the Wall - (with Wayne Marshall)
11.There's a Reward
13.Touch the Road - (with Wayne Marshall)

terça-feira, 11 de novembro de 2008

Rico Rodriguez - Trombone Man Anthology 1961-1971

Playlist : Part One
Rico & The Duke Reid's All Stars - Blues From The Hills
Rico - London Here I Come
Rico & The Rudies - Hitch And Scramble
Rico & The Rudies - Orange Street
Rico & The Rhythm Aces - The Bullet
Rico & The Rhythm Aces - Return Of The Bullet
Rico & The Rhythm Aces - Friendly Persuasion
Rico & The Rudies - Psychedelic Island
Rico & The Rudies - Nyah Serenade (aka Brixton Serenade)
Rico & The Rudies - Rico Special
Rico & The Rudies - Peace
Rico & The Rudies - The Lion Speaks
Rico & The Rudies - Blues
Rico & The Rudies - Jumping The Gun
Rico & The Rudies - Lazy Boy
Rico & The Rudies - Quando Quando
Rico & The Rudies - Reco's Message
Rico & The Rudies - Niyah Man
Rico & The Rudies - Caribbean Serenade
Rico & The Rudies - Session Begin
Rico & The Rudies - Biafra
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - The Proud One

Playlist : Part Two
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Reco's Torpedo
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Poison Snake
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Funky Reggae, Part 1
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Behold
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Honky
Rico & The Joe's All Stars - Hot Line
Rico - Tribute To Don Drummond (aka Peanut Vendor)Rico - Anancy Rumba
Rico - Rainbow Into The Rio Mino (aka Green Island)Rico - Sweet Chariot
Rico - Tom Jones
Rico - Scar Face
Rico - Trombone Man
Rico - Japanese Invasion
Rico - Top Of The Class
Rico - Black Milk
Rico - Stranger On The Shore
Rico - Place In The Sun
Rico & The Rudies - Blue Mountain
Rico & Des All Stars - Going West
Rico & Des All Stars - Rock Back
Rico & Des All Stars - One Eyed Giant
Rico & Des All Stars - (Let's) Work Together
Rico & Des All Stars - Once A Man
Rico & Des All Stars - Hammer Rock (aka Hammer Reggae)
Rico & Des All Stars - Walk With Des (aka Further Look)

segunda-feira, 10 de novembro de 2008

Israel Vibration - On the Rock 1995

Song Title:

1.Mr. Consular Man
3.Rebel For Real
4.Find Something to Do
5.Love Makes a Good Man
6.Brother's Keeper
7.Struggling Youth
8.RudeBoy Shufflin
9.Love Is All You Need
10.Border Line
11.Sugar Me
12.On the Rock

sexta-feira, 7 de novembro de 2008

Byron Lee And The Dragonaires - Reggae Round The World LP 1973

My Tribute Mr.Byron Lee
Playlist :
Breakfest In Bed
Cotton Jenny
Three Bells
Howdy Tenky
Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Black On
City Of New Orleans
In The Mood
Your Love Is Amazing
Back Stabbers
Spanish Lace

Sons Of Jah - Burning Black 1979

Playlist :
Grass Is Green
Wind Of Change
Win Your Love
Feel Like Dancing
Burning Black
One Son
Fooling The Children
Rastaman Tell I So
Bye Bye Jungle

quinta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2008

VA. I'm So Proud - A Jamaican Tribute To Curtis Mayfield (1997)

Track Listings:
1. Derrick Morgan - It's Alright
2. Lloyd and Glen - Keep On Pushing
3. The Techniques - Queen Majesty
4. Dennis Alcapone - My Voice Is Insured for A Million
5. The Jamaicans - Dedicate My Song To You
6. The Uniques - Gypsy Woman
7. The Progression - Rocksteady Time
8. Joe White - I'm So Proud
9. Pat Kelly - Little Boy Blue
10. Noel Bunny Brown - Man's Temptation
11. The Gaylads - That's What Love Will Do
12. The Uniques - My Woman's Love
13. Pat Kelly - Soulful Love
14. Bob Marley & The Wailers - Long Long Winter
15. The Heptones - I've Been Tryin'
16. Slim Smith - Closer Together
17. Bob Marley & The Wailers - I Gotta Keep Movin'
18. Chosen Few - Queen Majesty
19. Marcia Griffiths - Gypsy Woman

Ronnie Davis And Idren - Come Straight (1996)

1. Rough Cut
2. Rough Version
3. Road Of Tradition
4. Pick Up The Pieces
5. Won't You Come Home
6. Repent
7. Jah Is My Light
8. Move On Oppressor
9. Two Roads
10. Respect Your Elders
11. Come Straight
12. Straighten Up Instrumental
13. Come Straight Dub
14. Ease It Up
15. If You Conscious
16. Conscious Dub
BACKING VOCALS: Lloyd Ricketts, Robert Doctor, Roy Smith
BASS: Flabba Holt
RHYTHM GUITAR: Chinna, Chillum Roxburgh
KEYBOARDS: Patrick Murray, Phillip Williams
PERCUSSION: Bongo Herman

Justin Hinds - Know Jah Better (1992)

Track Listing:
1.War Time
2.War Time Dub
3.Want More
4.Know Jah Better
5.Almond Tree
6.No Place Like Home
7.Happy Go Lucky
8.Picking up Chips
9.Love in the Morning
10.Deep in My Heart
11.In This Time
12.Proverbial Dub

Burning Babylon - Roots Heavy 1999

Track Listing:
1. Banish the Darkness
2. Chalice of Shiva
3. Livication
4. Dread I Dub
5. Dubby Conqueror
6. Roots Heavy
7. Radio Zion
8. Two Ton Dub
9. Rise Up Bredren
10. Tree of Life Dub
11. Guiding Star Dub


quarta-feira, 5 de novembro de 2008

Max Romeo - Crazy World Of Dub 2005

Playlist :
Ethiopian Anthem
Dis Dub Nhu Free
Crazy World Of Dub
Dub Trouble
Dub Down Rome
Dub For Moses
Dubbing Dangerously
Take Dub Serious
Dub Ganja
Love Thy Dub
The Dub Clock
Dis Ya Dubwise, Keep You Moving
Can't Hide From Dub
Dub Forever

O Reggae Perde Mais Uma Estrela Byron Lee perde a luta contra o câncer aos 73 anos

Byron Lee de 1935 a 2008 perde a luta contra o câncer aos 73 anos.
É amantes do reggae perdemos mais uma estrela da constelaçaõ . É a segunda grande perda em um período de um mês. Depois da triste notícia do falecimento de Alton Ellis, somos surpreendido hoje, quarta feira (5/11), pela morte de Byron Lee, músico multi-instrumentista, produtor, dono do estúdio Dynamic Sounds que produziu varios artistas do genero e líder de um dos primeiros grupos Jamaicanos, o The Dragonaires.
Diagnosticado em novembro de 2006 com um câncer na bexiga, Byron Lee resistiu e enfrentou com coragem a notícia. Em uma entrevista à radio “The Jamaican Star”, Lee se dizia confiante na luta contra a doença. Sentia sorte ao ter descoberto o câncer no estágio 3, o estágio 4 é considerado fatal. Submeteu-se a uma cirurgia seguido de uma quimioterapia. Apesar de tudo isso, Byron Lee desobedecia às recomendações médicas, que o aconselhavam descansar, e continuava tocando. Dizia que morrer não era o maior problema, mas sim, parar de tocar.
Byron estava realizando tratamento em Miami, devido à piora de sua saúde, e já pressentindo sua morte, algumas semanas atrás decidiu-se retornar à Jamaica para passar os últimos dias em sua terra natal.
obrigado mr Byron Lee por tudo o que nos mostrou atraves da musica . e como o grande artista que foi sera lembrado eternamenti por nos amantes do reggae e do ska ,Rocksteady, Early Reggae, Calipso Mento que voçe fique em paz .jah is the way

terça-feira, 4 de novembro de 2008

Wayne Mcarthur and The Disciples - Love, faith and belief 2000

Track Listing:
1 Love, Faith and Belief
2 Belief Dub
3 Poormans Prayer
4 Poormans Dub
5 Revelation 2000
6 Dub 2000
7 Dancing on a Rainbow
8 Rainbow dub
9 Road of Life
10 Life`s Dub
11 Universal Harmony
12 Universal Dub
Bonus Track:
13 Artical Sound
14 Artical Dub
15 When Will There Be Peace
16 Peace Inna Dub
17 Disciples Dub Exodus 3000
18 Dub Exodus 3000
Title: Love Faith And Belief
Artist: Wayne McArthur
Record Label: Moon Wave
Release Year: 2000